What our judges are saying:

Bouncing Through the Bluebonnets, "...a sea of blue flowers, and this tiny white figure. It really emphasizes the concept of our diminutive sheep, and captures their lively spirit."

Rosebud "What a beautiful face! Roses add to the charm."

Mama's Love "A beautiful example of the bonding that occurs after birth. Cheviot ewes are well-known for their mothering abilities. Photo is lit and cropped well."

Mama's Boy "...nicely composed, and the lamb's outstretched leg is exquisite!"

Too Cute To Contemplate "This little lamb's face says it all!"

Greetings, "This photo shows how curious and gentle our sheep are...a.k.a. Got Your Nose!"

So You See... "...captures a moment of Cheviot alertness! Also shows good example of predator-proof fencing."

I Love You Too, Mom,"...shows us how attentive, protective, and caring our ewes are...even shading the lamb from the sun."

Easter Blessing "...captures the essence of the theme. This little lamb surely is charming in her little yellow bow."

We're Coming, Ma "...a great action shot of mini Cheviots on the move. Also, it is an unusual photo; it shows triplets."

The Littlest Shepherdess "...shows the quiet, curious, gentle side of the mini Cheviot."

Shebaa's Beautiful Boy "...pastoral...nicely composed...makes the viewer wonder what he's looking at?"

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1st Place Bouncing Through the Bluebonnets by Julie Size

2nd Place Rosebud by William Flynn

3rd Place Mama's Love by Sue Weaver

Mama's Boy by William Flynn

Too Cute To Contemplate by Sue Weaver

Greetings by Julie Size

So You See... by Elise Toups

I Love You Too, Mom by Elise Toups

Easter Blessing by Julie Size

We're Coming, Ma by Elise Toups

The Littlest Shepherdess by William Flynn

Shebaa's Beautiful Boy by Sue Weaver
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