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      For The Kids (Coloring & Activities)      

Activity: Simple Origami Lamb

   This is extremely basic origami for ages 4 thru 7. It teaches children a few of the basic folds and allows them create a    project in less than 10 steps.


  1 square piece of white paper (cut a piece of computer paper to make a square.)
  OPTIONAL: black marker
  OPTIONAL: wiggly eyes and glue
  OPTIONAL: 2 cotton balls and glue

  TERMINOLGY--MOUNTAIN FOLD: fold the paper under-- see how it looks like a mountain?

  TERMINOLOGY -- VALLEY FOLD: fold the paper to the front.


To make a square piece of paper,fold diagonally and cut off the excess.

Valley fold the paper in half diagonally (so you have a triangle).

  Turn the triangle so the point is facing toward you. Valley fold the paper in half diagonally   again (so you have a smaller triangle). Crease and unfold. This gives you a crease in the center   of your larger triangle to use as a guide for the next step.

On each side, valley fold a triangle about 3/4 of the way to the crease to make the ears
This is what you end up with.
Mountain fold a small bit of the bottom tip of the triangle.
Mountain fold a small bit of each ear.
  Glue pieces of cotton balls onto the ears. Glue wiggly eyes onto the face. Draw a black nose   (and eyes) onto the face.
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